The Israeli Chamber of Mediators

 The Israeli Chamber of Mediators ( ICM) is a non-profit professional association legally established in 1999 which creates and aims to implement high mediation norms and standards and to enhance  the use of mediation in Israel as a better way of resolving conflicts.

One of the ICM’s main goals is promoting the mediation as a recognized and well defined profession through a local legislation proposed on November 2017 by us and already under procedures at the Israeli Parliament  ( the Knesseth).

Our proposed  legislation defines who is eligible, how one becomes a mediator, the ethics ruling the profession and much more.

he requirements for becoming an ICM  member ( as per ICM regulations) are : 

   –  An University degree or high school graduate with over 10 years of professional experience.

    – Mediation Training  Certificate of a minimum of 60 hours.

    – Member’s undertaking to fully comply with the Ethics’ Rules of the ICM .

   – No criminal conviction.

    – Age : over 25.

    – The membership was approved by the Israeli Chamber of Mediators’ board.

    – The membership is subject to payment of annual membership fees.

We help our members to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge by offering half day lectures organized by us as well as full term professional courses at the leading universities in Israel at reduced rates.

These advanced training meetings are also an useful platform for networking and exchange of knowledge between the participants.


The Israeli Chamber of Mediators has been awarded  a “Proper Management Approval” by the Fellowship Societies Registrar at Ministry of Justice.




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